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Dorney Park Haters Anonymous

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one- SO BITCH ABOUT IT!

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Have YOU ever been to Dorney Park? It is by far the most vulgar place in the universe. This circle of hell (Dante left this one out of his inferno because it was THAT scarey) is found in Dorneyville, PA, located off of I78 and right outside of Allentown. If you ever see Dorney Park advertisements on billboards, steer clear. Drive FAR away. At this wretched "tourist attraction" you'll witness vulgar things that shall scar you for life: fat, scantilly-clad women flaunting their cellulite, men groping these scantilly-clad fat women, little hellbeasts (kids) running a muck, the entire rude populations of NJ, Phili, & NYC, as well as enough ugly people to make even the most hideous feel beautiful.

That's looking at it from an outsider's perspective. Sounds pretty bad right? HA. Wait until you work there. After two years of employment in Satan's workshop, I've come to one conclusion- DORNEY PARK SHOULD DIE!!!

Come inside, and stay for awhile. Read our stories of idiots and woe. Want to complain about Dorney Park? Here's the place to do it. Patron, employee, former staff, whatever- if you hate Dorney Park for ripping off your ass at some point in time, come bitch about it. By all means. BITCH.