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There's a ride called The Whip, it's an old ride which is an oval with cars rotating on the outside of a center barrier counterclockwise. as the cars approach the end of the oval it accelerates, whipping the car around the turn. the cars seat 2 people. now picture this. Imagine we're not wearing seatbelts. if you're in the passenger seat of my car and I violently make a left turn will you slide into me? Of courtse not, I'd slide into you. Common sense tells you that.

Dorney apaprently operates in an alternate universe where the laws of physics work differently. My father in-law has worked in amusement parks for 40 years, and one of his jobs was to maintain, assemble And disaasemble, as well as operate the whip. He kmnows as well as anyone else that the heavier person should sit on the outside, if they don't they'd throw their weight against the person on the inside. Dorneys rules for this ride clearly state that the heavier person should sit on the inside...

So he went to ride with my son and he tried to get Andy on the inside and then sit on the outside. The rider oeprator refused and kept telling him to reverse it, and naturally my FIL argued with him. Eventually when it became clear that the ride operator wouldn't back down, he removedf my son from the ride and they left. They complained to park operations, and we'll see what they say. Since my FIl takes this very seriously, if tyhey blow us off we'll complain to the state licensing board that certifies rides.

let's see them blow off the state as easily.
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